Asthma and COPD

The practice actively encourages the regular review of all long term conditions at least annually.  We hold regular COPD and Asthma clinics which are undertaken by our highly trained Practice Nurse, Arlene Earaker.  During this review she will check symptoms and Asthma / COPD control and give advice on appropriate treatments, as well as teaching inhaler techniques.  

Each year we will send you a letter inviting you to make an appointment with Arlene for review and would encourage you to attend even if you feel your symptoms are well controlled.


The practice actively encourages the regular review of all long term conditions at least annually and as part of this disease monitoring we hold specialised Diabetes clinics.  The frequency of clinic review in practice varies between patients depending on blood sugar control, medications and hospital appointments.  These clinics are run jointly by Specialist Practice Nurse, Annie Coorey and Dr Crichton. 

At least annually you will be sent out a letter with two appointments: one to see our practice nurse, Annie, for bloods and screening checks and then a second appointment with Dr Crichton to discuss your diabetic management in more detail. 

It is important that if you cannot attend these appointments then let our reception team know so that we can reschedule to a time that is more suitable for you and so we can free these original appointments for other patients to use.

Cardiovascular Disease

The practice actively encourages the regular review of all long term conditions at least annually and as part of this we offer annual review of cardiovascular health in the form of Hypertension and CHD clinics. These clinics are held by our Health Care Assistant Jan Jackson.

Each year we will send you out a letter inviting you to make an appointment at the appropriate clinic for review where we can monitor your blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health

Sexual Health

All GP’s in the practice are able to offer a full range of family planning and sexual health advice to meet your needs. In addition to this we offer both IUCD (coil) and Nexplanon insertions and removals in practice.

Dr Hamilton and Dr Crichton are fully trained in IUCD insertion and removal and Dr Moloney specialises in Nexplanon insertion and removal.

If you are considering one of these contraceptive options then please make a telephone appointment with one of the GP’s above to discuss further.

Travel Vaccinations

The practice can offer you advice on travel health and provide you with immunisation and malaria prophylaxis. Approximately 8 weeks in advance of travel please complete and hand in our travel questionnaire. The practice nurses will then investigate the most up to date guidance on the vaccinations & malaria prophylaxis needed for your travels and you will be offered a face to face travel clinic appointment to go over the Nurses recommendations and receive the vaccinations.

The 8-week notice period is important as some vaccinations are recommended as a courses of up to three vaccines, 8 weeks allows enough time to complete them before you travel as well as time to arrange prescriptions. Patients should be aware that not all immunisations and malaria prophylaxis are available on the NHS.

Those that are not available will have a fee attached to them as well as a private prescription charge Travel questionnaires are available from reception or are available from our website. Click here to download the file

Minor Surgery

We offer minor surgery and joint injection at the practice for a variety of different clinical problems and skin lesions. Initially you will need an appointment with any GP to confirm minor surgery is required and after this you will be contacted by the practice to book a minor surgery appointment.

Due to the demand there may be a waiting list depending on the expected length of the procedure. Please note we cannot remove lumps and bumps purely for cosmetic reasons on the NHS.


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