NHS24 Out-of-Hours Service

When your GP and local pharmacy are closed, and you are too ill to wait for them to re-open, turn to your NHS out-of-hours service.

What is the NH24?

Out-of-hours is 6 pm to 8 am, Monday to Friday and all-day Saturday and Sunday.

Your health board provides a number of services so that, if you need it, you can receive care and treatment during this period.

How to contact the service

Call 111Phone NHS 24 on 111, this number is free on mobiles and landlines.

NHS 24 handles all calls to the out-of-hours service.

How will they help?

NHS 24 will assess your needs and, if appropriate, refer you to the nearest out-of-hours service.

If you are well enough to wait, you will be given self-management advice until your GP surgery re-opens.

In an emergency

If you call NHS 24 and your condition is serious or life threatening, an ambulance will be arranged to take you to the nearest accident and emergency (A&E) department.

They can arrange for you to be seen and treated at your nearest out-of-hours service.

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Contact Information

Reception  Reception: 01738 627912

Prescriptions Prescriptions: 01738 620012

District Nurses District Nurses: 01738 473317 (Message Service Only)

Health Visitors Health Visitors: 01738 445 173

Patient Transport Service

0300 123 1236

For more information visit:


To cancel a transport request call:

0800 389 1333

between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday